Our Team

B., Kayla

Kayla B.

Kayla graduated from Globe University in September of 2014 with an A.A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology. Prior to that, she attended college for Biology.

Kayla has two dogs, Tucker (a stray brought into AERC) and Zeyla (adopted from the Animal Humane Society.) She also has two cats, Willow and Kaylee. Kayla says, “They all have such strong and individual personalities and the house is never quiet, but they make life so much more fun!”

Kayla really enjoys backpacking and if you’re looking for a trail to hike, she highly recommends the gem in our own backyard, the Superior Hiking Trail. If you want to travel a bit, she also likes the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. She says that both have tons of hidden little water falls, and the scenery is like something out of the movies!

Along with backpacking in new places around the world, Kayla has dreams of owning a restaurant on a beach, surrounded by palm trees. Please take us with you, Kayla!