Our Team

, Bridget


Bridget has a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota, and she is in her last semester of the veterinary technician program at Argosy University. She will be doing her technician internship at the Univeristy of Minnesota’s Research and Resources Center starting this coming January 2018.

She has one Bichon Frise dog named Lincoln, who is “the sweetest and most gentle dog – he loves attention and cuddles, and has quite the personality,” Bridget says!

Her fave restaurant is Osaka Hibachi, she boasts a hidden musical talent of being able to play the flute and the saxophone, and the longest plane trip she has ever taken was to Guatemala! Lastly, if Bridget could have any animal she wanted as a pet, she would choose a camel. She likes that they’re “so funny-looking and can absorb and hold large amounts of water for long periods of time!”