Community Involvement

This is where we at AERC come to brag about all the great stuff that we do. Well, "brag" is a strong word. Minnesotans don't like to brag. But we might suggest that some of the things our clinic and our team does for the community and pet owners at large are pretty great! Read on for yourself!

MVMF Events

Investing in the Future of Veterinary Medicine

The MVM Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization was created in 1990 to serve as the philanthropic partner of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation.MVMF logo

The Mission of the MVMF

The Foundation's goal is to help secure the future of the veterinary medical profession in Minnesota by funding scholarships, animal health, public and professional education as well as projects and organizations that promote the health and well being of animals in Minnesota.

AERC has supported the Foundation goals for many years through sponsorship and providing volunteers for its events: the Golf Classic, Clay Shoot and the Silent Auction at the Annual Meeting.

Since 1990, the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation (MVMF) has funded $414,400 in Veterinary Student and Veterinary Technician scholarships to defray the high cost of a veterinary education.

With General Contributions, Professional Contributions and Public Education Contributions the MVMF has given $800,042 in total support.

In addition to the events, the Foundation encourages contributions, memorials, bequests, endowments or pledge gifts. All gifts make a difference.


Humane Care

Providing Treatment to Injured Strays and Wildlife

Since our inception, AERC of MN has contributed to the welfare of unowned, injured pets and wildlife by providing stabilizing care, and, when appropriate, humane euthanasia. We feel it is our duty to these unfortunate creatures to ease pain and suffering, and we have donated thousands of dollars of time and supplies to support that mission. 

If you find an injured stray pet, please contact us. If you find an injured wild animal, our medical team can help determine whether or not an animal can be successfully rehabilitated and released into the wild or whether euthanasia is the kindest option.


Community Education

Educating Pet Owners and Veterinarians Alike

As part of our vision statement, AERC has the following, "Within both the public and the veterinary world, we are viewed as a resource center; we hold pet-related events and host neighborhood education opportunities alike, growing a name for ourselves as a leader in the animal community." It is our desire to provide information, answers and education to anyone who seeks it.

In 2017, we began our Humane Education Program. AERC provides educational and entertaining programs on Pet Responsibility and Bite Prevention to elementary schools in the east metro. Speakers have experience with groups large and small. If you are an educator who wishes to schedule a program for your class, please call (651) 501-3759, ext 114. 

AERC also began holding quarterly community education events in 2012. At our Oakdale location, we have the ability to seat up to 60 people, and we invite speakers on a variety of animal-related topics.

For several years, we have also been holding monthly Lunch-n-Learns and twice yearly all-day conferences for the veterinary community.  Members of our referring community attend for free or at a very reduced cost and learn about treatments, medications, and client service topics to benefit their clients and patients.


Discounts for Established Rescue Organizations

Helping Others Help Pets in Need

We know there are a lot of big hearts out there in the pet-rescue community. We want to help established rescue and wildlife rehabilitation organizations with their emergency care by providing a 20% discount on services and products. Approved organizations have the opportunity to be billed for services as long as they are paid within 30 days.

Approval must be granted prior to any discounts. In order to obtain approval, organizations must submit the organization registration form and verification of 501c3 status. Please call (651) 501-3759, ext 118, if you wish to obtain a registration form.


Lilies Notification Cards

Preventing Poisoning of Cats

Every spring at AERC, we see several cases of lily toxicity. Unsuspecting cat owners bring an Easter lily or a lovely bouquet that includes Stargazer lilies into their homes. The cat eats a bit of any part of the flower, petals, stems, or even just sniffs the pollen, and can suffer irreversible, potentially fatal, kidney damage as a result.

It's terribly sad, and AERC wants to do all we can to prevent these needless poisonings. That's why we created a postcard-sized warning, mounted on a plant stick, that can be stuck into a lily plant to warn whoever purchases it.

To date, we've given away over 1000 of these cards to local churches and grocery stores so that people could be forewarned of the toxicity of these deadly plants. 

If you would like to help distribute lily cards or need some for your church or florist, please call (651) 501-3759, ext 114.